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I proudly endorse:

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Current Studio Setup


Gretsch Catalina Maple Satin Deep Cherry Burst 7 piece Shell Pack:

Toms: 8"x7", 10"x7", 8"x12", 14"x14", 16"x16"   

Kick: 22" x 18"

Snare: 14" x 6"

Evans Drumheads


Batter: HD Dry

Snare side: 300 Snare Side 

Toms (8", 10", 12", 14", 16"): 

Batter: G2 Clear

Reso: Genera reso


Batter: EMAD Heavyweight

Reso: EMAD Resonant 

Meinl Cymbals

Cymbals (Left to Right): 

15” Extra Dry Dual Hi Hats

10" Extra Dry Dual Splash

18” Extra Dry Dual Crash

10"/12"/14" Vintage Smackstack

Custom Stack: 16" Classic Customs Trash China/14" Thomas Lang Gen X Filter China/8" Classic Customs Dark Splash

20” Extra Thin Hammered Crash 

21" Traditional Polyphonic Ride

18" Extra Dry Dual Trash China

14" Pure Alloy Custom Hi hats  

Audio Setup



Kick Drum:

Kick in: sE V Kick 

Kick Out: Lewitt DTP 640 REX 



Stereo Overheads: sE se8 pair 

Hihat: Shure SM7B

Aux Hihat: Lewitt LCT 140 Air

Splash: Rode M5

Clapstack: Rode M5 

Audio Interfaces:

Scarlett 18i20

Scarlett Octopre

Scarlett 2i2

Mixer: Harbinger L802 8-Channel Mixer


Monitors: JBL 305P MKII Super White 5” Powered Studio Monitors

Headphones: Audio-technica ATH-M50XWH Professional Studio Monitor Headphones White

Laptop: Macbook Air (13 Inch MacBook Air Apple M1 Chip with 8-Core CPU, 8-Core GPU, 16GB Ram, 256GB SSD)


Digital Audio Workstation: Logic Pro X


Camera: Iphone 13 

2nd Camera: iPhone SE (2nd Gen)

Video Editing Software: Final Cut Pro 

Lights: Govee Lyra Lamp, 2 NEEWER Bi Color 660, NEEWER Ring Light

Carpet: Meinl Oriental Drum Rug

Stick Holder: Meinl Drumstick Holder

Guitars and Basses: These belong to my roommates (contact me if you have questions on them)

Recording Equipment

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