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Nate Mueller Drums

Born in 2002, Nathaniel “Nate” Mueller was surrounded by music at a very early age. He started piano lessons at age five, then eagerly switched to drum lessons at the age of nine, and fell in love with the instrument. As a young drummer, he was heavily influenced by drummers Matt Mcguire and Casey Cooper, who inspired him to later pursue a career in percussion and to begin content creation. After a few years of lessons, Nate began playing with bands during middle school. In high school, he played in his church band, the jazz band, concert band, percussion ensemble, swing choir band, and the pit band. He was vice president of the concert band in his senior year and won several awards throughout his high school music career. In 2021, he went on to study commercial music at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee. 

Now, the twenty-one year old is at the beginning of his music career. Within the past year, Nate has received millions of views and amassed hundreds of thousands of followers from his drumming videos across Tiktok, Youtube, and Instagram. He has begun playing gigs/sessions all over the country for artists like Mike Shinoda, Sarah Cothran, Munn, Melina KB, and others. 

Nate’s flashy style, natural talent, and passion for his instrument has led him to the early success he has received in his musical career. He is looking forward to the future of his drumming career, looking towards more session work, touring, and collaborations with artists and musicians. 

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